Terry Haayema – The Business Analyst role is doomed! But Business Analysis is more important than ever

With the exponential growth of agile methodologies and the increasing number of ‘cross functional’ teams, the idea of understanding and documenting requirements at the beginning of a project is being broken down and many areas no longer have business analysts.

Effective application of agile methodologies leads to a more sensible approach to understanding requirements and documentation as an essential element of every change but in a ‘just in time’ way incorporated into doing the work itself rather than all up front.

The information age is quickly evolving into the AI age, with predictions that white collar jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence within the next 20 years, (yes including jobs with complexity and human interaction, like doctors and solicitors). So how will business analysts adapt in this new world and prepare themselves for the next?

This talk discusses the meta skills that business analysts will need to develop in order remain relevant in an age where gathering requirements and documentation are no longer necessary because any business person can simply ‘ask Siri’ and have a new feature or even an entirely new system built in minutes.


Terry Haayema – Senior Agile Coach at Commonwealth Bank
Terry has filled almost every role in the delivery of literally hundreds of business and technical solutions in a career spanning the last three decades, including everything from complex technical solutions to managing sales teams and call centres for some of the largest and most successful companies in Australia, Europe and the USA.

As a business analyst, Terry’s focus was always on communications, relationship building and making sure everything in the system is directly targeted at delivering value to the people.

As a Senior Agile Coach at Commonwealth Bank, Terry is blessed to operate in an environment that empowers him to help people find the joy in their work and contribute their complete and best selves.