Taruni Falconer – Communicating with Stakeholders: Tiny Changes. Big results.

About 45% of our decisions are not decisions at all. They are the reflex action of our unconscious habits at play. They help us, and they hinder us. They save us from thinking, and they make us UN-thinking. This applies to our communication style. Most of us tend to reach for a default way of communicating. Our usual one. This may or may or not be effective when we communicate with stakeholders who do not think in BA ways and do not have the language of “advanced BA speak”.

We can only make changes to our default communication habits if we are aware of them. Once we become aware of them, then we have the power to change them. Only then can we expand our wardrobe of communication styles using awareness, not time. This presentation will give you access to and practice at making tiny, too-small-to-fail changes that expand your communication wardrobe without adding to your schedule.

In this presentation we will:

  • Explore the two pathways that promote long-term behavioural change in us as communicators
  • Unpack and apply the research gifts from the neurosciences on habit formation
  • Generate one tiny behavioural change for ourselves and start to build a new communication neural pathway


Taruni Falconer – Managing Director of Intercultural Dynamics Pty Ltd

Taruni is a seasoned business coach, presenter, and lecturer in Swinburne University of Technology Business Analysis masters program. She brings into the room over 25 years of expertise in cross-cultural communication. Additionally, Taruni brings deep understanding of memorable, practical strategies for scheduling new communication habits into your moment to moment work-life – without adding to your schedule.

Taruni has equipped over 8,900 people, on five continents, from 70 different cultures with context-appropriate communication skills. Author in global series, Cultural Detective®. Credentialed Emotional Intelligence facilitator.