Taruni Falconer – Communicating With Stakeholders: Making Cross-Cultural Communication Work For You

Communication is the result you get!

And one of the skills specified in the BABOK Guide is communication. For good reason. Understanding and being properly understood is key to any profession, but especially business analysis, where details rule and unearthing them requires careful work. What’s more, analysts have multiple avenues of communication that affect their work— intranets, surveys, interviews, in-hall conversations, impromptu meetings, focus groups, status reports, email chains, informal status updates in a cubicle. Communicating technical matters, managing project teams, mapping out company needs. These all require excellent communication skills with people who do not think in BA ways.

The Australian workplace is one of the world’s most densely multicultural and multilingual workplaces in the OECD.  This often compounds the gap between the intended message and the received message in our communications.  Failure to communicate effectively with stakeholders, in writing or orally, can mean project delays, expensive mistakes, missed promotions.

You will leave this experiential workshop equipped with global best practice communication skills that work for you in our multicultural and multilingual contexts-our current workplace. These skills will enable you to make simple, memorable additions to your communication repertoire. They will enable you to know when and why your communications are working for you.

Learning objectives:

  • Uncover just why communication in multicultural work settings are often ineffective and costly
  • Identify ways to enhance accuracy of communication with stakeholders
  • Generate and practice five global communication best practices for giving and receiving information
  • Practice an extended communication repertoire

Taruni Falconer

Taruni Falconer – Managing Director of Intercultural Dynamics 

Taruni Falconer is known as the Cultural Detective. She has worked as a cross-cultural communication professional for over 25 years, on five continents and trained over 8,300 people in organisations including Toyota, BP, Colgate, Palmolive, and Daimler.

Through her lively workshops she provides globally-validated skills that enable people to quickly become more effective when communicating with people of different cultures. Taruni has been a catalyst in initiating cross-cultural training programmes in Australasia, the Middle East, South Asia and USA. Participants in her programs appreciate her memorable, practical communication tools drawn from both research and rich experience. Taruni is recognised as a leader in her field.