Sydney’s Closing Keynote Speaker: Mike Boutel – Enterprise Agility

Today’s organisations are subject to continual change. There are often many, dynamic and contradictory drivers for change, including innovations in technology and working practices. However, there has been a shift. Now, whatever the organisation, wherever it is located and however it is structured, the rate of change is increasing.

Organisations that have learned how to transform themselves through effective strategies and leadership are more likely to survive and prosper. They need to select, introduce and implement changes to their businesses quicker than ever before to continue to deliver value to customers and be competitive.

Many of these organisations have turned towards enterprise agility as the solution. But why have they struggled or failed to gain value from this new approach? Is the approach itself flawed, or simply the adoption?

This session will look to cover the findings of AXELOS’ research and development on why and how organisations transform the way they work by creating a culture of enterprise agility across their business.


Mike Boutel –  Head of Capability at PM-Partners group

Mike is globally recognised as an expert in modern portfolio, programme and project management practices, He has a passion for Best Practice governance and has worked in UK, Sydney and Melbourne. He is a sought after trusted advisor and consultant on portfolio, programme and project management and related PMOs. He is also one of Australia’s leading expert facilitators and recognised as a public speaker keynoting many business events.