Sydney 2018 Presenters

For Sydney’s Business Analysis Professional Day the following presenters have been announced:


  • Dana Malcova – Business Analyst’s Skill Set for Innovation in MINDSET ECONOMY
  • Daragh Henchy – Foundations and applications of Design Thinking
  • Glenn Smyth – Business Process Management Suites: the heart of a Digitally Transformed Organisation
  • Haydn Thomas – Facilitation Essentials
  • Hugh Peterken – Finding the way: how to write a bloody good business case
  • James King – Agile meets compliance and business controls
  • Joseph Ling – Do you trust your mind? What the…for BA’s
  • Philip Dove – Great revolutions need great leaders
  • Dr. Pramod Singh – Machine learning and AI for business process automation and improvements
  • Sue Webb – Industry 4.0 workshop. What’s in it for me?
  • Terry Haayema – The Business Analyst role is doomed! But Business Analysis is more important than ever




Note – Small amendments may be made to the speaker line in the lead up to the event due to speaker availability.