Sujitha Selvaraj – Facilitation techniques for requirements prioritisation in the agile world

Prioritisation plays a vital role in software development. Priority of requirements is a complex, personal and infinitely varying element. It is essential yet so obscure when seen out of context or without empathy. The greater goal of a solution, understanding the big picture of what the product is going to achieve, the need for time to market and many more may sound so priority-unifying. When we have a unified understanding of where we want to be, there arises a question on what makes it so difficult to prioritise requirements when the goals are so clearly defined.

Prioritising the backlog, even after all the project charters and strategies is still elusive to hold onto a common ground. Priority may not sound so critical in the agile world when compared to the non-agile methodologies. Being agile itself would make someone think that agile methodology projects need not figure this out. On the contrary, agile emphasises on common understanding. There are many innovative methods to facilitate the various stakeholders to prioritise the requirements. The prioritisation techniques are many and varied. There is no one-fits-all technique that
can address the problem. Depending on the participants, culture, background, presumptions and many more, the techniques can be mixed and matched. The business analyst while juggling to find the right cocktail should always keep in mind the product tree. The presentation will take you through the techniques that can be used while facilitating requirement prioritisation discussions, the techniques that have yielded real-life success stories, when to use what, tips and tricks from the ground and help you keep all of them tied together without compromising the end-product.


Sujitha Selvaraj – Senior Business Analyst, ThoughtWorks

Sujitha Selvaraj is a senior business analyst at ThoughtWorks.  Sujitha holds a Masters in Business Administration.  Her industry experience spans across domains with leading clients.  Sujitha specialises in agile business analysis and has played various roles ranging from business analyst, iteration manager to product manager.