Sue Webb – Self-service Business Intelligence: Think Outside the Spreadsheet

Business Intelligence (BI) is one of the fastest growing fields in ICT, and the rise of Self-Service BI (SSBI) tools such as Tableau, Power BI etc. means that it is no longer the domain of professional BI developers.  SSBI tools, in the right hands, can help businesses achieve their strategic goals, track their KPIs, measure the success of change initiatives and identify opportunities for savings and growth.

To be most effective, BI needs to be done by someone with a detailed understanding of business requirements, knowledge of the business domain and key processes, familiarity with business systems and data, and an established rapport with key stakeholders and decision makers.  This of course describes the Business Analyst.

This presentation will look at the latest advances in SSBI tools, and have an in-depth look at Power BI from Microsoft.  It will show how BAs can master these tools to gain insights into all aspects of the business and in turn advance their own careers.


Sue Webb – Principle Practitioner of Business Analysis at DDLS

Sue Webb has been a professional educator for over twenty years, starting as an applications trainer, progressing to tutoring at a tertiary level, then lecturing at University before leaving academia to become a Technical Trainer in the private sector.

Sue graduated from Edith Cowan University with a first-class honours degree (BSc) in Computer Science, was awarded the Faculty Medal for academic excellence and was recognised on the Dean’s list twice.

Sue is passionate and enthusiastic about education and training, she was recently promoted to Principal Practitioner for Business Analysis for DDLS.  Sue is also the Chair of the Perth Branch of the IIBA.