Shree Balachandran: Let’s KISS – Business Strategy!

In an ever-connected digital world, CEOs and managers are faced with business strategy choices each day which are pivotal to the very survival of their businesses. And there is no better time than now for going back to basics! In this interactive session (Let’s KISS-Business Strategy!), Shree will weave anecdotes, theories and his experience to propose a case for pragmatic business analysis.

In a world drowning in data by the minute, there seems to be need for the war cry, “Let’s Keep it Simple, Stupid-Business Strategy!”


 Shree Balachandran – Program Director (Business Development PMO) at Oracle Corporation Australia

Shree has over 20 years of industry experience, ranging from education sector, hi-tech manufacturing, IT services to cloud platform business.

Over the two decades of his career journey in three countries, he has led and managed dozens of large, complex, multi-million dollar strategic and operational programs, with multinational and global scope.

Currently he is the Program Director (Business Development PMO-AU/NZ) at Oracle Corporation Australia.