Quick Bites

Do you know the IMPACT of your requirements?

Have you ever asked yourself when delivering a project, what is the impact of the requirements that have been elicited and the subsequent change that is being delivered? There are a lot of facets to consider and often as business analysts we need input from a lot of different people to truly understand the full impact of what we’re introducing to an organisation.

In this Quick Bite session, Saiful will share a tool that can be used to quickly identify the impact of requirements across all areas of a business from customer impact to the company bottom line. Providing an example to follow, Saiful will demonstrate how this collaborative tool has the ability to provide a platform for talking to the different areas in an organisation about your project and produce better results for everyone.

Saiful Nasir – Founder and Principal CX Consultant at CXD Labs

Saiful Naisir Saiful is passionate about helping organisations become customer obsessed. Over the past ten years he has worked with companies across the banking, insurance, financial institution, healthcare and construction industries to help them to better understand their customers. This has enabled these companies to design solutions which have improved the customer experience with their brand through better digital solution design and more efficient processes and service management. Saiful has also lectured at RMIT and presented at conferences in the US in the area of process design. Through CXD Labs Saiful would love to get companies to become more customer centric.

The BA as a professional for SME’s

Small businesses used to be bricks and mortar stores, now small businesses are more likely to be tech-startups.
Incubators and Accelerators will advise inevitably that you need a tech co-founder, and by that they mean developer or another technical coding skill. This session will provoke debate around the role of a Business Analyst as a consulting profession, and how Business Analysts can and should consult independently like any other freelancer.This Quick Bite session will cover:

  • What PR and Marketing skills BA’s need regardless of where they work
  • Understand how and why BA’s should sell the profession in clear plain language
  • Understand how SME’s contribute to global economy
  • Understand how complicated over-analysis devalues the profession and project outcomes

Stephanie Gaddin – Global CEO of Dolphin Worxs

Stephanie Gaddin Stephanie first worked as a Business Analyst in the insurance industry before moving to Australia and into Dolphin. She is an engaging , precise speaker with deep insights into the activities of finding the right solution for the client, critically analysing client needs vs wants, and finding the true problem buried beneath what clients and users say. Stephanie believes analysts are an under-utilised resource in the small business and SME software market, and that the profession could do with some clear uncluttered and de-jargoned marketing and PR.

IIBA Certification: An overview of the changes

This Quick Bite session will provide an up-to-date overview of:

  • The different levels of IIBA certification,
  • The application process on the updated IIBA website,
  • Studying the BABOK v3, and
  • Resources available to Business Analysts.
Demystifying the BA Core Concept Model

The Business Analysis Core Concept Model™ (BACCM™) is a conceptual framework for business analysis. It encompasses what business analysis is and what it means to those performing business analysis tasks regardless of perspective, industry, methodology, or level in the organization. Ian’s second presentation will explain BACCM in the light of BABOK v3, to understand what it means and to analyse how it can be used walking through some real-life examples.

Ian Tan CBAP®  – Senior Business Analyst at Australia Post

ian_tan_2 Ian is a CBAP® certified senior business analyst with years of experience across a diverse range of technology projects and industries. He has a passion for mentoring and business analysis which he enjoys sharing both professionally and through his volunteer work with the IIBA. Ian currently heads up the IIBA Melbourne Branch: Standards and Certification team who have been busily preparing for the launch of the BABOK V3 Study Groups. He is looking forward to working through the new course content with the next round of prospective certification candidates.

Use cases in Agile?

As a great Business Analyst
I want more than one tool
So that I can elicit AMAZING requirements in an Agile environment

So you think a Business Analyst is limited to user stories for requirements communication in an Agile development environment?

In this quick bite Primrose and Ally will take you on a Journey of Business Analysis exploration in an Agile development environment in an effort to leave you with some practical tips to increase your Business Analysis tool kit for maximum results in agile environments.

Primrose will share her vision for using use cases as a primary tool for requirements and how this fits within the requirements lifecycle. Ally will share her experience with the practicality, challenges and success of using use cases in an agile environment and introduce a number of complimentary techniques to make the use case successful in an Agile Development Environment.

Primrose Maclean – Agile Delivery Manager Sportsbet.com.au

Primrose Maclean Primrose Maclean is an Agile Delivery Manager at Sportsbet. She has presented to multiple Business Analyst forums. Over the last 13 years she has been working as a Business Analysis focussing on testing iterative improvements, providing business value and embracing the world of agile.

Ally Wilkinson – Business Analysis Capability Lead Sportsbet.com.au

Ally Wilkinson Ally is passionate about the value that Business Analysis brings to organisations. Ally currently coaches, mentors, empowers and uplifts Business Analysts inside and outside of Sportsbet to be the best Business Analysts they can be to deliver great results to organisations. She currently is the Member Services Director for the IIBA with the vision bring thought leadership and creative ideas to IIBA Member & Business Analysis Community and take Business Analysis to the next level.

How to determine a Minimum Viable Product?

Do you want to get your product out to market faster? Do you want to break into a new market with a new product or concept, but not entirely sure what users want?

This quick bite session will drive you to success by giving you some practical tips in determining a minimum viable product.

Carol Chew – Principal Business Analyst APAC at Mediaocean

Carol Chew Carol is an accomplished senior manager and business analyst with experience across the professional and financial services, higher education, media and advertising industries. She has a proven track record for leading web and digital transformation projects, product development of financial and tax management software, and e-Commerce implementation. Her industry reputation exemplifies her knowledge, leadership, and commitment to business analysis best practices. Carol works at Mediaocean (formally BCC AdSystems) who are the leading software platform for the advertising world. She is the Principal Business Analyst managing the Asia Pacific Business Analysis Practice, coaching and mentoring a team of business analysts and product managers.