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Taking the next step: A quick guide to achieve your career goals

You may feel that you are in a rut, or that the business world can sometimes feel like a game of snakes & ladders. While you may know what you want to achieve with your career, the path to achieving it is often not clear.

In this session, Adam and Ian will discuss a way that BAs at all levels can define their career goals, identify areas for development, and execute an achievable self-development plan.

Learning Objectives:

  • Defining career goals that work for you
  • Identifying areas for development
  • The IIBA Competency Model
  • Executing a self-development plan
Adam Lofthouse – Business Analysis Leader at DST Bluedoor Pty Limited

Adam is a Business Analysis leader. He has experience as a business analyst, lead and manager setting and delivering change at organisations across a range of domains including software, banking & finance, aviation, government, education and utilities. Adam is the Melbourne Chair of the IIBA Australia Chapter where he delivers a range of events and professional education to IIBA Members.

Adam is currently a Business Analysis Practice Lead at DST Bluedoor, an agile software company specialising in wealth management solutions, where he manages a great team of BAs.

Ian Tan – Senior Business Analyst at Australia Post

Ian has developed his career from a management trainee / junior Business Analyst to his current role as a Senior Business Analyst at Australia Post. He has a range of experience leading & delivering projects across different perspectives and methodologies in a number of different industries.

Ian volunteers with the IIBA Melbourne Branch where he has been responsible for Standards & Certification for the past 5 years, organising and facilitating BABOK study groups for members.

Situational Analysis and Requirements in Disguise

Analysts are found in all areas of organisations and have varying focuses and titles. They deliver different types of value to organisations, so where does the “Business Analyst” fit in and how can we continue to ensure we add value?

Analysts need to harness their multi-dimensional abilities, reaching into their analysis “toolkit” to intuitively apply the right tools to each situation. This will assist in uncovering requirements in disguise which will result in great outcomes for the modern day organisation. Moving our focus away from communicating in “requirements speak” and moving towards “business value speak” is critical to Business Analysis success.

Prescriptive, old-school analysis is a thing of the past and is killing the value of the BA Profession. In this fast paced, digital and agile driven world, Business Analysts need to take a contemporary approach to Analysis to continue to provide holistic business value.

Join Allisyn & Donna in this interactive session to learn:

  • How the role of Business Analysis has changed over the years and how to bring analysis back to the heart of everything we do;
  • How to navigate competing delivery methodologies and continue to deliver valuable analysis;
  • How to take a creative, thought leadership, innovative approach to analysis to get the most out of any situation;
  • How to identify hidden requirements and communicate requirements effectively;
  • How you can move into the role of a non-prescriptive, situation based Analyst to get valuable outcomes from everything you do.

Learn how to be the ultimate ANALYST regardless of the situation, methodology, phase, and label

Allisyn Wilkinson – BA Practice Manager at People’s Choice Credit Union

Allisyn has a long standing and passionate history within the Business Analysis profession from practicing Business Analysis, leading teams of business analysts, right through to creating Business Analysis practices and helping shape the BA industry through her involvement with the IIBA.

She has had the opportunity to lead and be involved in the creation of 4 Business Analysis practices across Australia in different sectors:
• Utilities – Waterfall focus;
• Sporting/entertainment – Agile focus;
• Insurance – Scaled Agile focus;
• Finance – Situational focus.

Allisyn will share her expertise and learnings from each of these areas and how the profession has changed over time and how business analysts can remain relevant.

Donna Blake – Strategic People Management Lead at ANZ

A people focussed Manager with extensive experience leading large teams to deliver business outcomes through projects. With a diverse industry background, working across banking & finance, telecommunications and utilities, Donna encourages people to use their creative brains combined with industry experience to deliver superior customer value.

Donna believes in the value of building an analysis capability around a multi-faceted toolkit, applying a range of techniques on a fit-for-purpose basis.

Donna currently leads the Strategic People Management Team in ANZ’s Australia Division Project delivery function. Donna previously lead the Business Analysis Practice of 145 BA’s. Donna is a strong advocate for the Business Analysis profession with over 15 years hands on experience.

IT Security – Where do BAs fit in?

With data thefts and hacking attacks on the increase, organisations in every industry are looking to improve their information security. Business Analysts have many of the skills required to succeed in this industry – how can we apply our knowledge and aptitudes to help our employers or clients to resolve their security problems?
In this Quick Bite, Andrea will show how core BA competencies can be applied to security and compliance issues.

Andrea Tappe – Senior Consultant at Terra Firma

Andrea is a senior consultant at Terra Firma Business Consulting. She has worked as a business analyst, a project manager and, more recently, as an information security consultant.

Harnessing the power of feedback

How do you know you are doing the right thing? How do you know you are doing it well? How do you know the product you are working on is the right solution to the customer’s problem? How do you know you are improving in your craft the right way and at the right rate? How do you sense and respond to the complex and changing environment you operate in? What are you doing to prepare yourself for your own future? Where is your career going to take you? Will you be great or… mediocre?

In this short talk Craig will talk to you about the power of feedback and how business analysts can leverage it better for better customer outcomes, professional development and career progression.

He will,

  •  Remind you how important feedback is by showing you what other people think about the work you do
  • Show you techniques you can apply today to help you get feedback and respond to it in a positive way
  • Challenge you to prioritise frequent feedback as the most important thing you can do for your professional career

You will walk out with:

  • Tools for gathering and responding to feedback
  •  Techniques for taking feedback and turning it into action
  • A sense of urgency about how important feedback is
Craig Brown – VP of Collaboration at Aconex

Craig Brown has 20 years of industry experience. He has worked on software products, IT projects, process improvements and service design projects. He has run countless workshops and training sessions. He brings an engaging style coupled with deep depth of knowledge and experience.

The Business Analyst: Hiring Context, Communication and Conversation

Hiring is changing. There is an array of mediums:  Linkedin, search engines, mobile alerts, and job boards. In a competitively fast world, where do I look?

What are Hiring Managers looking for? Hiring Managers want more: previously, the Business Analyst role would be advertised as Technical or purely Business. Then the advert changed to the BA with both the business and technical skills. Now they want everything. The BA role appears hybrid. What does this mean? The media suggests the resume is dead. How do I communicate? Where does my resume, cover letter, bio, key essential criteria and Linkedin profile, fit together?

  • As a BA, who am I?
  • How do I start a communication on my unique skills and experience in a competitive market?
  • How do I schedule a conversation?

In this presentation Eilleen Shields will discuss the present role of the BA in the context of projects and changing hiring conditions. She will provide steps on having the conversation you want to have.

Eilleen Shields – Senior Consultant at Hudson

Eilleen is an Information Technology and Communication Technology Specialist with over twenty years experience in the ICT industry and an additional two years in ICT recruitment. Her current focus is placing permanent and contract Business & Systems Analysts in the right projects.

Prior to joining Hudson, Eilleen was a Southern Region Executive. She worked with senior executives across all industry sectors in advancing their organization from their membership of the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA). She rebuilt the SAP Education practice, providing value to her clients and returning it to profitability.

As Eilleen holds Vocational Education Certification, as well as a Diploma of Project Management, she trained project managers and business analysts for UXC Education. She re-established Gartner in the Manufacturing and Mining sectors with syndicated research and consulting. She also relaunched Forrester Research Advisory and Consulting programs in Southern Region.

Strategic Analysis: Defining Problem Statements

We all understand what a problem statement is and the BABOK has clear definitions of it. However, the real question is how might we write problem statements that are clear, measurable and communicate the right messages so that senior stakeholders (e.g. CIOs) listen.

Without clear understanding of the problems, solutions delivered will not meet the needs of the business leading to financial loss, stakeholder frustration and deliver solutions that do not fully align with the organisational strategy. At the end of this 20 minutes session, participants will have the tools /framework in place to write solid problem statements that are impactful.

John Parshotamdas – Senior Business Analyst at The Australian Red Cross Blood Service

John is a Senior Business Analyst with 10+ years’ experience in Business Analysis. He is a Certified Business Analysis Professional as well as being PROCSI Change Management certified. He has a B.Com (Information Systems) and a Graduate Certificate in Enterprise-Wide Systems.

John has been involved in several business transformation projects including the recent TAC 2015 strategy and is currently a mentor within the IIBA program. He has strong people skills and an ability to build relationships with his stakeholders.

Over the course of his career John has demonstrated a track record in delivering business value. With a passion and commitment for life-long learning, his leadership purpose is to inspire, equip, teach and support people so that they find their true north and be the best that they can be.

The Changing Role of the Business Analyst; How Design Thinking, Lean and Agile are redefining the role of Business Analysts

The days of documentation being used to capture the thinking of one person (at a point in time) and handing it to another person as a set of requirements to build software against are coming to an end.

Software companies are reluctant to build large systems with a “big upfront” design process but prefer a “test and learn” approach to designing and building software.
In addition to these changes Lean is being used to remove wasteful activity and improve the flow of value; this changes who does what activity in the lifecycle of work in the software lifecycle.

BAs are not immune to the abovementioned shifts but are central to them. In this presentation Niall McShane will provide an overview of the landscape of how software delivery operating models are fundamentally changing. He will then discuss the role of the BA, pointing to the new functions this role needs to embrace to stay relevant as the professional landscape shifts.

  Niall McShane – Senior Consultant & Agile Practice Lead at Terra Firma

Niall is a seasoned Agile Coach and Consultant who regularly presents at Agile and Lean conferences on modern practices. He has coached and mentored Business Analysts across large (40+ teams) programs of work.

Niall works as an agent of change, promoting agility through education, coaching and modelling of new behaviours. He brings (just enough) order and control through the application of scaled agile governance models together with deep project delivery experience. Niall is always about results and has been a coach his whole working life, firstly in professional sports, then leadership and for the last 10 years, agile transformation. Coaching is the core capability which supports the advisor/consultant roles he performs.

 Tools and Techniques for BABOK

The BABOK® Guide has long been acknowledged as the authoritative source of knowledge and practices for business analysis. Sparx Systems and the International Institute of Business Analysis™ (IIBA®) have collaborated to produce the Tools and Techniques for BABOK Guide v3.

This session will introduce you to the Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect Tools and Techniques for the BABOK® Guide v3. Learn how to tackle common business analysis challenges, using real world Enterprise Architect examples in conjunction with the BABOK®Guide.

This session is ideal for any business analyst that would like to become more familiar with using tools to improve business outcomes.

  Scott Hebbard – Communications Manager at Sparx Systems

Scott has over 20 years experience in ICT, including working for Universities, software companies, telecommunications and the State Government. Scott conducts regular webinars on Enterprise Architect, covering everything from business analysis, project management, prototyping and requirements management through to code engineering and simulation. Visit www.sparxsystems.com/webinars to learn more.

Scott has been married for 15 years and has two daughters. He is passionate about Enterprise Architect, politics, the Geelong Football Club, astronomy, console gaming and loves spending time with his family.