Philipp Joebges – Practical CXM – Putting the customer at the heart of business processes and requirements

Customer-centricity has become somewhat of a buzzword, with more and more companies investing heavily in customer experience management (CXM) as well as design tools and frameworks. Organisations across all industries publish customer-centric strategies and create advertisements that want to ensure us, the customers, that the companies’ sole concern is to take care of us. Yet, there is a clear gap between strategy and execution. Process improvement and business analysis are still heavily biased towards efficiency gains and often only analyse needs of the company, forgetting about the customer. Design teams often exist to capture customer insights and help businesses understand pain and opportunity points along customer journeys. However, it  is a challenge to connect these insights back to what’s happening within the business and translate them into effective requirements. The methods and models that are used in either discipline do not integrate, and the different skill sets of analysts and designers make it hard to collaborate. If we are serious about customer-centricity, this challenge must be overcome. This session introduces a clear, practical and easy-to-apply framework for how to integrate customer experience management, business process management and business analysis. The framework is designed to be  applied at scale across the whole organisation, aiming at significantly improving customer retention and spend as well as increasing an organisation’s return on investment in CXM, BPM and business analysis.


Philipp Joebges – Senior Consultant, Leonardo Consulting

Philipp is an experienced Business Process Management consultant that has worked for public and private organisations of all sizes in Australia, America and Europe. He applies a process-centric approach to improve the way businesses operate and helps clients to align their business processes with customer needs and strategic priorities. Philipp specialises in designing, measuring and innovating business processes as well as building client’s BPM and CXM capabilities through maturity assessments, training and coaching.