Philip Dove – The role of the BA in designing, developing and maintaining an Enterprise Business Capability Framework

Only too often the Business Analyst is considered as an afterthought, brought onto a project too late and expected to produce requirements in very short timeframes and with little to no context. In the ever increasing world of Agile development, organisations are embracing Enterprise Business Capability Frameworks to provide much needed strategic and operational context as well supporting CAPEX prioritisation.

By implementing a Business Partnering Operating Model and driving the development of an Enterprise Business Capability Framework, AMP’s BA Practice has leveraged its existing services and IP, to occupy a leadership role at every stage of the strategic value chain, from the Strategic Planning Process through to Project Delivery.


Philip Dave – Head of Business Analysis at AMP

Philip has an extensive Management Consulting background, working across a range of different sectors (Financial Services, Telco, Defence, FMCG). His core focus has been Strategy Execution, specialising in Operating Model and Organisational Design, Business Capability Frameworks and Organisational Transformation. He is currently the head of Business Analysis at AMP, prior to which he worked for KPMG in Australia and Sydney.