Peter Cohen – Unlock the bigger picture: a workshop on how to use the Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas is a shared visual language for describing and designing business models. It is a valuable tool for business analysts to be able to quickly and effectively facilitate stakeholders in articulating the key aspects of their business, and importantly, how they interrelate. Whether this is to help understand current state, or looking ahead to a future initiative, building this shared visualisation is always time well spent.

This session will outline the theory behind the Business Model Canvas, and will then involve hands on exercises to give participants insight into how to use the tool in practice.

Peter Cohen – Agile Business Analyst, Senior Consultant & Iteration Manager at DiUS Computing

Pete Cohen is an experienced BA and consultant who has helped deliver numerous successful bespoke web and mobile software applications in a diverse range of industries. Pete is a seasoned speaker and has facilitated multiple workshops for different organisation across Australia, and has participated in numerous webinars and interviews.