Pascale Weir – Customer Experience: How to be a better Customer Analyst

The customer is the most important stakeholder for any organisation. Why? Without the customer, the business wouldn’t exist. Therefore, as Business Analysts, we have a responsibility to ensure that we always capture the customer’s experience.

At the end of the day, every business wants to increase their profitability – this has a direct relationship with satisfying the needs of our customers. If our customers have a positive experience, they will come back and support our business in the future. Statistics have shown that getting new customers is far more expensive and time consuming than getting repeat business from our current customers, working on improving our customers’ experience.

We are often so focussed on improving a business through internal process improvements, and what will improve the business based on employees’ experiences, rather than focussing on the ultimate, most important stakeholder, the customer. Look at our titles – Business Analyst – shouldn’t it be Customer Analysts – if we were Customer Analysts, our focus would be on the customer experience, and we could help businesses improve based on the customers’ experiences! Food for thought?

This interactive session will cover why the customer is so important, and I will give some insight into how we, as Business Analysts, can capture our customers’ experiences to aid with business improvement, and understanding a business in its entirety.


Pascale Weir – Business Analyst Consultant at Business Analysts Pty Ltd

Pascale Weir is a Business Analyst Consultant at Business Analysts (Pty) Ltd, who has been involved in business improvement and business analysis since 1999. She has implemented and led teams using AGILE methodologies such as SCRUM, as well as waterfall methodologies.

Pascale has real world implementation experience in global businesses, having worked on projects involving the United Kingdom, South Africa and Australia, down to National, State and SME Business with unique and complex requirements. She is a valuable asset in business transformation programs and is able to engage with stakeholders at all levels.