Neil Bazley – BA2: From Analyst to Designer

Over the years, as business analysis has become more mature and business architecture has started to come into its own in global markets, there has been considerable discussion as to how they fit together. Are the two concepts separate or complementary?  Is business architecture a career path for BAs?  How do we reconcile the overlaps in approach and scope between the two disciplines?  How do the emerging disciplines of design thinking and human centred design fit in to the ever growing and increasingly complex environments that business analysts will be asked to address?

This session has been created with intermediate or higher BAs in mind, who are thinking about the next phase (or phases) of their career but do not yet have a strong working knowledge of business architecture or human centred design.  We will explore the differences in the strategic nature of design approaches and highlight what this means to planning and execution of organisational initiatives in our increasingly complex business context.


Neil Bazley – Consultant at SMS Management & Technology

Neil is a Certified Business Architect (CBA™) with over 15 years experience in business analysis, business process, business architecture and risk management.

Neil has worked in Canada, USA and Australia across multiple verticals including energy, telecommunications and finance.  He has had roles in management consulting, business improvement, sales and marketing and of course, business analyst.

Neil has been active in the business analyst community as a writer and speaker and through volunteer roles in the Calgary AB chapter and as the Vice President Chapters for IIBA.