Michael McGuinness – Hey chatbot, where can I get coffee? What does it take for a BA to get an AI chatbot implemented in the higher education sector using agile?

During this session, you will learn about how Griffith University had an idea to setup a chatbot for their users.  However, the university knew this project was going to be different from the start and it had to be delivered in a rapid time frame. Learn how we used the agile methodology to work through the many ups and downs and massive deviations during implementation (changing audiences halfway through a project). You will get to see a demo of the bot and you can decide if it passes the Turing test (Is it human or a computer) and could it be self-learning?


Michael McGuinness – Business Analyst, Griffith University

Michael has a Bachelor of Information Technology from Griffith University and is currently working as a senior analyst in Griffith University’s eResearch team, undertaking both business analysis and project management activities.  Michael has over 14 years’ of IT industry experience and has presented at events across Australia and at global events in Auckland and Las Vegas.  Michael has a passion for automation and has a technical background in infrastructure and software development.