Melissa Nicholls – A Change Practitioner’s Journey, Mines to Vines

Follow Melissa’s journey from how she found her passion in leading change which drove her desire to pursue a career in Business Analysis.  Listen as she delves into how this set the foundations for her transition through the change practices in various industries, including mining and oil and gas.  This led Melissa down a path that ultimately drove her transition to establishing a family business operating a vineyard and wine label.

This presentation will cover Melissa’s education and certification in CBAP, her professional experience in applying the skills and method, as well as how this correlates to her personal journey in transitioning through industry, roles and her decision to establish a business.


Melissa Nicholls – Operational Excellence Specialist at Synergy, Owner of Chateau June-Jerome

Melissa was one of the first certified IIBA Practitioners’ in WA. She has been involved in project change for over 10 years, with experience in Business Analysis, Change Management, Project Management and Business Improvement. She is a proven public speaker, contributing as part of a panel of IIBA Professionals and presenting on change to a network of Change and IT professionals.

In addition to her professional corporate experience, Melissa embarked on a journey to establish a small family business in the country, a vineyard. She launched her wine label and first product in 2017.  Melissa’s skills as a BA practitioner were vital in the establishment of the business and identifying the right business and marketing strategy.

Most recently, Melissa has been published as a contributor to Successful Women In Business Innovation Edition, for her inspiring journey in managing a corporate career, a business, a tree change and motherhood.