Melbourne’s Closing Keynote Speaker: Haydn Thomas – Stacking the odds for project success

Projects are successful, challenged or failed and dependant on where you are sitting, they can be all three at the same time. After managing successful projects I was continuously perplexed why “others” did not believe that was the best project in history.

As Project Professionals we are constantly striving for that elusive successful project and in this presentation we will discover the thoughts, stages, roles, concerns and tricks/actions that will assist you on the way to Project Immortality.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn why organisations don’t care what role you are playing
  • Pre-Determine the definitions of successful projects
  • Increase your Tool Kit to effect successful and sustainable change


Haydn Thomas – Chief Mindavator of Mindavation Australia and President of Mindavation United States

“Engaging”, “Pragmatic”, and “Passionate” is the resounding feedback from clients of Haydn Thomas and Mindavation.

As a very proud Chief Mindavator of Mindavation Australia and President of Mindavation United States, Haydn has been delivering on successful outcomes for more than 25 years, leveraging real world experience in management, portfolio, program and project management, business analysis and business consulting.

He has worked extensively in large international and domestic companies, government organisations and solution providers. In addition, Haydn has worked with start-up companies in defining and implementing structure, business solutions, leadership, change management, competencies and efficiencies.

Business Transformation is Haydn’s hallmark, based on experience with his innovative training, coaching, consulting and keynote presentation practices across Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, Asia and North America.

Mindavation focuses on increasing business’ capabilities by providing delivery consultants, basic through advanced training workshops and coaching. Mindavation’s worldwide approach can be categorised into 4 core values:

  • Holding ourselves and clients to account
  • Fail fast (First Attempt In Learning)
  • Don’t shy away from fierce conversations; and
  • Ensure your Head, Heart & Gut are aligned, or do something about it

In recent years, Haydn is following his passion of sharing his insights and experiences through to help others realise the value of taking knowledge and turning it into ability.