Mark Eagleton – Bridging the divide: BA design collaboration

The digital landscape is constantly changing, the focus of human centered design is shifting to the enterprise and B2B software space. There are exciting opportunities for BAs to adopt more human centered design techniques in this complex space to deliver solutions that truly serve both the needs of users and the business.

This session will provide an introduction to user experience methods, processes and techniques, in the context of delivering customer centered digital solutions. We’ll look at effective ways for UXers and BAs to collaborate, drawing on experiences from real-life projects.

We’ll end with a practical activity around one of the key tools that allows you to visually articulate requirements.

Learning objectives:

  • Introduction to UX
  • Working with UX
  • Industry Trends and opportunities for BAs
  • Practical Activity with UX tool – Axure



Mark Eagleton – Consultant at ANZ

Mark Eagleton is a skilled consultant with over 17 years’ experience in professional services, government, banking and FMCG. Mark is passionate about the role of customers at the centre of service design activities. Mark strongly believes that through a balanced understanding of constraints we can deliver services that customers find useful, usable and desirable and which align both with business strategy and technology.