Lesley Cooper – Today’s BA, dinosaur or dynamo?

As business analysts we must all continue to evolve to stay relevant in today’s ever changing business environment.

Join Lesley as she shares her wealth of practical experience and top tips for remaining relevant, polished over the years since starting her first BA role in 1989.

Hear how she has created two successful consulting niches as a Software as a Service (Saas) BA over the last 10 years and covers:

  • Finding a niche
  • Understanding and measuring value
  • Becoming the expert
  • ‘Making sales’
  • Delivering value – agile principles in SaaS implementations
  • What trust, integrity, authenticity and ego have to do with it


Lesley Cooper – Principal Consultant at Streamlined Grants Management

Lesley has been creating solutions and leading business systems projects for over 30 years in a variety of consulting, management, business analyst and technical roles for diverse organisations in the public and private sectors.

She founded Composite Information in 1998 to provide innovative business/systems consulting services. From 2007 she specialised in a SaaS government licensing system and three years ago established Streamlined Grants Management which helps government agencies implement a SaaS grants management system.

She is a member of the AIIA NSW Government Special Interest Group, has participated in NSW Government policy hackathons, volunteered for GovHack 2017 and recently participated in a Code for Australia Academy.