Lawrie Kirk: You will never walk alone – a BA’s role does not have to be a lonely one

The role of the Business Analyst has, and will continue to change. This change is due to a number of factors combining; increased organisation maturity, greater technical knowledge by the business and users accompanied by shortening project life cycles and client attention spans.

The combination of these factors has not only changed the skills needed for a BA but demanded that the modern BA is able to adapt and have a thorough understanding of how current processes fit together.

The BA role can be a lonely one; being an interpreter and listener can inevitably lead to being the messenger of bad news.  On the positive side there is great satisfaction at unlocking blocked gateways to improvement and ensuring that improved capability for an organisation is achieved.

To assist the modern BA there is unprecedented access to new knowledge; a lot of this knowledge is now based on globally recognised approaches and process.  Even skills such as listening and group facilitation (often reliant on gut feel and experience) can be enhanced by formal certified training that is based on real world scenarios.

A BA does not have to walk alone.


Lawrie Kirk – Consulting Services Executive, Global Business Development Manager, Australia and New Zealand at APMG International

Lawrie has over 30 years in delivering, consulting and training in programme and project management including the delivery of organisation maturity assessments.  Advice has been provided on improving organisation capability and ensuring that business needs are clearly understood and realistic.

He has experience in the natural resource management and IT sectors where he has delivered programmes at a state and national level.  Since 2006 he has also delivered a course at The Australian National University that he wrote on developing communication strategies and supporting tactical plans. This has led to a number of international communication activities in the USA, UK, a large watershed project in India, the Pacific Science Association and USM University, Penang.

He has a Diploma of Applied Science in Agriculture and a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Science Communication.  The MPhil was awarded from research into the science communication capacity building needs of Pacific Non Govt Organisations.