Julie Graefe – Stakeholder engagement on a tax reform program in Afghanistan

Working as a Business Analyst on a tax reform program in Afghanistan posed challenges in finding ways to plan my approach to engage with stakeholders (internal and external), eliciting requirements and information, ways to collaborate, and ways to communicate with the program’s stakeholders. The usual challenges were accompanied by language and cultural diversity, a complex internal environment, overlaid by the risks of operating in a post-conflict/current-conflict external environment.


Julie Graefe – Principal Consultant at SMS Management & Technology

Julie Graefe is an accomplished business analyst, project manager and business change manager with a professional career spanning over 20 years working for companies both in Australia and overseas. Julie has considerable experience in business analysis, project and program management, strategy and advisory, business change management, and process re-engineering.

She has particularly strong experience in the revenue/taxation, banking, finance and insurance sectors. She has demonstrated expertise in stakeholder engagement across a wide range of stakeholder groups, including government, business, civil service organisations within diverse cultures.