Jodi Franzke – The Secrets Behind Awesome Facilitation

As Business Analysts we often have to play the role of Facilitator. Facilitation is a powerful skill and can be easily enhanced with simple and effective Graphical tips to engage your audience and make your facilitation more interesting.

Throughout this workshop there will be Graphic takeaways – simple and effective tips to make your meetings and workshops more interesting:

  • Understand the role and skills of the Facilitator
  • Know what makes a good Facilitator
  • Understand when and how the Business Analyst can use Facilitation techniques
  • Learn the importance of understanding Roles and Responsibilities
  • Learn the differences between meetings and workshops
  • Learn to apply the 5 x steps in successfully Facilitating Meetings
  • Practice different tools and techniques to get the most out of your workshop participants


Jodi Franzke – Senior Consultant at Mindavation

Jodi is a highly creative, motivated and energetic professional people leader with over 20 years’ experience in the Business Analysis industry. She has a passion for empowering others to reach their full potential through ongoing coaching and mentoring. Whilst managing both small and large BA Practices throughout her career, her unique flare for illustration and graphics has enabled her to motivate and engage her team with creative facilitation.

Jodi has provided Graphic Recording during the last two IIBA Professional Development Days and enjoys seeing others give graphics a go.