James King – Agile meets compliance and business controls

Most organisations are using agile approaches to delivery and most organisations have business rules, compliance needs and other business requirements. But how does an agile team tackle compliance and business controls?

We will look briefly at the link between agile thinking, empowerment and good risk management. Then we will explore what happens when the organisation wants both strong controls and the innovation generated through agility. Most importantly, this talk will cover some pragmatic approaches for business analysts to apply in a compliance driven “agile” environment.


James King – Agile Coach and Business Model Designer at Trading Concepts
James has managed business analysts and worked as a problem solver for many years. He currently works as an agile coach and is interested in how organisations can make the best use of the potential they have in their people and their market.

James is one of the core team of authors of “Version 2 of the Agile Extension to the BABOK”. James also coaches in product development and service improvement using the business model canvas and other innovation tools from design thinking and the Lean Start-up movement.