Igor Arkhipov – Make the dreams come true: experience driven development

It is exciting to see how more and more companies realize the value of human centered design and use the approach where the customer’s experience drive the decisions on what and how to deliver.

However, there is a huge gap between a to-be customer journey map and a new working piece of software or a new service that functions the way customers expect.

In this session we’ll explore a method of bridging this gap and making sure the dreams come true. We’ll talk about the way a BA can use an experience map as a starting point of understanding the scope of the solution, how an experience can be broken down into sensible elements, and how via clarifying the expectations for these elements we can ensure the solution delivers what it is supposed to deliver.


Igor Arkhipov – Lead Business Analyst at Isobar Australia

Igor is a business analyst and team manager with about 10 years of hands-on experience in the fields of business analysis, business process management, and quality management. In his career, he has had the chance to act as a business analyst and as a project manager working for ecommerce, cybersecurity, and digital services organisations.

His recent passion is establishing environments where the development of high quality products is driven by the experience the products are supposed to deliver and supporting the organisations in this journey.