Gwen Pinnington – BA as Coach and Strategist: Applying coaching and leadership techniques to elevate effectiveness

“A good coach will help people and organisations see what they can be, rather than what they are”.

Business analysts are facilitators of change. Coaches enable change in others. Strategic leaders proactively identify opportunities for change and development before they become urgent problems. What if we used all three to deliver better outcomes in our work?

As business analysts, we see wasted potential in organisations and project teams all the time. What if you could tap into that potential as a strategic enabler for change? Applicable to all industries, coaching is an accountability process focussed on the future state and helps set goals, clear bottlenecks, find solutions and make forward progress.

In a project team or business where coaching is having an impact, team members collaborate more and carry their portion of the load for the team, employees utilise all their potential to complete work and deliver outcomes, and leaders focus on their key roles and let you do yours.

During this workshop, I will share some of the most useful coaching and leadership techniques and concepts that I’ve used to complement my business analysis skills.You will  learn how to apply coaching skills in your business analysis role, understand what coaching is not, and how to use a coaching approach to draw out the best in individuals, teams or organisations for maximum effectiveness.


Gwen Pinnington – Principal Consultant at Gwen Pinnington Consulting and Coaching

Gwen is passionate about making a difference and sees change as opportunity for excellence and growth. An innovative results-oriented leader and coach, she is motivated by not just ‘what we do’, but ‘how we can do and be better, for self and others’.  “My personal commitment is to help reconnect people, values and processes holistically through improvements at both individual and system levels for transformative outcomes and evolutionary change.”

Gwen follows a simple equation with her work: People + Process + Compassion = Excellent Outcomes. She is motivated to inspire others for evolutionary change that enables connection, trust, awareness and accountability. Gwen loves building strong relationships and adding value through her work, especially in helping new or experienced leaders to grow their capabilities, confidence and effectiveness. In the business context, she delivers results through organisational design and development, HR advisory, high performing team development, leadership and effectiveness coaching, process improvement and whole-system change.

Her business career began with a global consulting firm in the USA and developed into enterprise analysis, change management, frontline manager coaching, business improvement and senior management positions across a variety of industries in the USA and Australia. She has led cross-functional teams accountable for Human Resources, IT, Business Improvement, Change Management and Communications. She has served on Executive Teams and in not-for-profit Director roles.

Gwen has a natural and successful way of building interpersonal connection with respect and compassion, whilst also ensuring fantastic results and enjoyment.