Glenn Smyth – Business Process Management Suites: the heart of a Digitally Transformed Organisation

Leveraging experience on numerous digital transformation programs, including the multi-award winning ME Bank transformation, Glenn will describe one of the key features of an agile, or Digitally Transformed organisation, being the digitising of processes.

He will the cover the methodology, Business Process Management, and technology to support it, a BPM Suite (BPMS). The presentation will be peppered with real-life examples and cover the critical supporting design paradigm of exceptions based straight-through-processing (STP) in some detail.


 Glenn Smyth – Founder and CEO of Fragile to Agile

Glenn is celebrating his thirtieth second year in the IT industry. At various times, he has worked in nearly all areas of IT from programming and database administration through program management and IT architecture before settling as an enterprise architect. He has spent the last 18 years specialising in SOA architectures and business transformation.

Glenn is director and principal architect at multi-award winning Fragile to Agile, a dedicated enterprise architecture practice launched in 2009, whose clients include Macquarie Bank, Hills Industries, ME Bank, Internode, BAE Systems, DEWNR SA, HAMBS, SA Power Networks, ElectraNet, CBA, Teachers Health Fund, IP Australia and ACTEW/AGL.

Prior to this Glenn was Chief Architect at (Bendigo and) Adelaide bank and preceding that Chief Architect for the ATO’s change program, a billion dollar refresh of all ATO systems. His other recent roles include program manager and chief architect for an A$80 million full systems refresh at SolMelia in Spain, the third largest hotel chain in the world.

An independent contractor/consultant his whole career before launching Fragile to Agile, with typical Irish wanderlust Glenn has worked at more than 30 organisations on three continents, before finally settling for good in Adelaide.