Glenn Brule – The Fox and The Grapes “It is easy to despise what you cannot get”

While the whole world surges forward with the SCRUM movement, I have seen time and time again consistent flaws in the approach to adopting what I believe to be a method that is world class and, with proper consideration, could potentially resolve the bulk of our project problems.

Much time is spent on considering titles and role; more time is spent on tools and software, and even more time is spent attempting to understand and unearth every nook and cranny of SCRUM Processes.

Sadly, even with the very implementation of SCRUM we lose focus of that which matters most;

1. Collaboration with and amongst stakeholders
2. What our stakeholders truly value
3. How to turn value and requirements into deliverables

We do this knowing that SCRUM principles are non-negotiable. We do this corrupting the very essence of what makes SCRUM successful:

1. Empirical Process Control
2. Self-Organisation
3. Collaboration
4. Value-Based Prioritisation
5. Time-Boxing &
6. Iterative Development

This presentation will challenge you to refocus your efforts in practicing SCRUM. You will come to realise the tangible benefits associated with true stakeholder collaboration and the evolution of requirements into business value that matters the most. You will appreciate the productivity of a structured conversation, and unravel the mysteries of product dimensions for the explicit purpose of driving value to your stakeholders.

In this case you will become the fox that gets the grapes.


GlennBruleGlenn Brule – Trainer / Consultant at PM Partners Group and IIBA Sydney Branch Chair

As a recognised global expert in the creation and maturity of Business Analysis Centres of Excellence, Glenn has helped clients across all industry verticals in both the public and private sectors.

His approach to maturing requirements management and development capabilities focuses efficiencies to be realised across all organisational facets.

As a Certified Scrum Master, CSM, Glenn is a proven leader that is most passionate about the ever changing dynamics of a culture that is shifting towards an Agile environment.

Glenn is afforded a rare global reality-based perspective of BA and proven guidance on how to overcome geographic, cultural and barriers.