Glenda Kirkby – Catering for the Lotto factor: making sure everything is traceable

In the past when faced with a shopping list of requirements and business rules backed up by very little information on where they came from and why, I would ask the BA who’d produced them “If you got hit by a bus, how would we be able to work out why these requirements exist and what they impact?”

I came to realise that this was a pretty negative mind picture so now I ask “What happens if you win Lotto and we get a postcard from Rio saying ‘Sorry guys, my password is XYZ, go for it?’”

This seems to get through to most people far more effectively and they start to look more meaningfully at traceability. Traceability links BA artifacts so that historical context is preserved, deeper meaning is maintained and a more three dimensional picture of what the business wants is able to be painted.

This session will get you exploring the possibilities of tracing requirement to use case, use case to business rule and more. This means that when the business decide, in their wisdom, to move a section of requirements out of scope you can immediately predict the impact on your half implemented system and estimate the consequences of the decision.



Glenda Kirkby – Consulting Principal at Ajilon

Glenda is a Business Analyst who loves her job.  Not only is she a past chairman of the Perth branch of the IIBA but she was also Australian BA of the Year, 2013.  This award was largely bestowed because of Glenda’s on-going commitment to support and encourage the development of business analysts and to spread understanding of the role of business analysis in the growth of individual businesses.

Glenda works for Ajilon Australia in senior BA roles.  Her current assignment is with Landgate (the WA titles office) working with a project team led by lawyers reforming the Strata Titles Act. Apart from the obvious need to assess the impact on Landgate’s systems of these changes, Glenda has also instigated BA techniques in assessing and analysing the operational practicality of the new laws being drafted.  This has been predicted to significantly reduce rework on the final laws before they are brought into legislation.

Glenda is passionate about good business analysis and is constantly exploring better ways to help business improve.