Geoff Griffin & Damian Wilson – What’s your problem?

In February 2018, a small team commenced the work of preparing a global logistics organisation with over 40 thousand employees for the biggest change to personal data protection regulations in a generation. Their first challenge? Identifying the actual problem to be solved.

The European Union was nearing the launch of the revolutionary General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The change was being heralded with all the drama and foreboding of an impending extinction level event. The law would protect information rights that people didn’t even know they had and penalties for breaches would be severe. The titans of Silicon Valley were bracing themselves for the coming storm. And Toll had just 4 months to be ready.

The Toll GDPR program ultimately received acclaim for its success, but not before wrestling with its understanding of its core purpose. This presentation uses a case study to examine the importance of knowing what problem you are solving, why this is so often neglected and how business analysis can be the key to bringing a firm sense of direction and success to projects.


Geoff Griffin – Business Analyst at Toll Holdings Pty Ltd
Geoff treats every business as a kind of puzzle. His expertise in business analysis not only helps him solve puzzles but sometimes constructs the missing pieces.

Damian Wilson – Business Analysis Practice Manager at Toll Holdings Pty Ltd
Damian is an enterprise problem solver who uses business analysis capability as a raw fuel for innovation and transformative leadership.