Gareth Jones – How to Develop a Business Analysis Practice

Business analysis is a broad subject that can cover anything to do with innovation, people, process, and technology—and this is on top of supporting the six knowledge areas that underpin both large iteration and Agile approaches.

It stands to reason that, given the complexity and growing streams of business analysis, no single individual can be an expert in all areas. Whilst this is true, a business analysis practice can foster expertise. A practice supports multiple business analysts, combining their capability and experience across the business analysis knowledge areas.

This workshop will focus on the fundamentals and theory behind establishing a business analysis practice.  The facilitator will give a presentation on 5 key concepts: Career Development; Training and Development; Methods, Metrics, and Tools; Organisation; and Service and Quality. These will be broken down further to identify the tangible items that should be put in place for a successful practice to be developed. The participants will then be given the opportunity to work in teams to build out these categories, design implementable ideas, and present their findings back to the group.

This workshop will be based on the article written by Gareth, and published in the BA Times “Business Analysis as a Practice“.


Gareth Jones – Practice Manager at Business Analysts Pty Ltd

Gareth is the Practice Manager for Business Analysts Pty Ltd  (BAPL) – a specialist business analysis company offering business analyst services to ASX listed & private companies, government and not for profit organisations.

BAPL is an Australian owned and operated company with 50 consultants operating from offices in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. Internal practice uplift allows us to quickly ramp up with demand and maintain a very high level of competency.