Dr Mark Griffin – Has my project been effective? An introduction to survey design and program evaluation

With the constant striving for “value for money” it is essential that the effectiveness of all projects and programs is evaluated at project initiation (for project planning and to measure the level of change as a result of the project), throughout the project, at project conclusion, and at a later timepoint (to understand whether the potential benefit from the project has been sustained). A robust project evaluation involves a number of data collection strategies that can be grouped into quantitative (survey design, statistics) and qualitative (interviews, focus groups) methods.

This presentation will cover the following topics:

  • The purpose and need for project evaluation
  • Developing an Evaluation Framework (a list of the specific purposes or research questions to be considered within a particular evaluation, and a strategy for how to address each of these objectives)
  • The difference between Quantitative and Qualitative methods – and the need for both
  • What makes a good survey question?
  • Validity, reliability and reproducibility
  • Survey sampling – choosing the survey participants
  • Survey data collection – face-to-face, phone, mail, online
  • Interviews and focus groups – and the role of the interviewer


Dr Mark Griffin – CEO of Australian Development Agency for Statistics and Information Systems, Asia-Pacific Regional Director for the IIBA

Dr Mark Griffin is the Founding Director of the Australian Development Agency for Statistics and Information Systems (www.adasis-oz.com), and supervises Masters and PhD students in Data Science and Organizational Psychology at the University of Queensland and the University of Sydney.

ADASIS provides consulting services in the areas of business analysis, survey design, statistics, and IT, and works primarily with the government and not-for-profit sector. A major project they have just completed was the evaluation of the Queensland roll-out of the Positive Parenting Program, where 100,000 parents and 30,000 practitioners were asked to complete surveys about parenting experiences and program satisfaction.

Since the formation of ADASIS Mark has presented approximately 100 two-day workshops in statistics in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, and has recently started presenting five-day workshops.