Dr Cecily Macdougall & Michael Augello – Strategic Business Analysis

Over the past decade it appears our BA profession and industry has been very focused on operations and efficiency – the ‘what’ and the ‘how’. The BA role, awareness and profile have all been raised, yet the statistics show program/project failure rates remain unacceptably high on a global basis.  Meanwhile, changing market forces combined with technology innovation and usage, is forcing business leaders to think more strategically to look at ways of transforming the business.  Business leaders in turn are seeking the strategic business analyst to assist them with this.  The BA profession needs to makes its changes as well and participate more fully in the ‘why’.

This discussion explores and presents some new ways of thinking to understand the complexities of transformation and business change programs.   The disciplines of business analysis and the role of the (strategic) business analyst are more important than ever.  Strategic business analysis follows strategic planning to establish and drive the business change programs.

Key Takeaways:

  • a structured approach to strategic business analysis to guide the business in moving from strategy to execution
  • what does Strategic BA mean for the Project Delivery BA?
  • what does the existing industry literature say?
  • where does IIBA sit with Strategic BA?  what is the future?  Can Strategic BA make a difference?
  • how to transition skills and experiences from the ‘traditional’ BA to the ‘strategic’ BA


Dr Cecily Macdougall – Managing Director at Building4Business Pty Ltd. Honorary Fellow, CPA, MBA, DBA

Dr Cecily Macdougall is Founder and Managing Director of Building4Business Pty Ltd, which specialises in the Strategy-to-Execution Process (SXP).  Cecily is a recognised expert in why transformation programs fail, early recognition of failure, and how to re-establish them.

Cecily has found that SXP is the missing link needed to build the foundations for successful strategic change/transformational programs.  Using SXP, Cecily has re-established several transformation programs so that they have been successfully delivered and adopted.

Cecily is energetic and innovative and has built and commercialized products and services.  She has also built industry/business networks, special interest groups for associations, chaired a multimillion dollar resort Body Corporate Committee and held several not-for-profit board positions.  Cecily is a CPA and an Honorary Fellow at Deakin University Australia.  Cecily is currently a member of the Deakin IT Advisory Board, and the ACS Victoria Branch Executive and Chairs the ACS Business Advisory Council and the Special Interest Group. She is a Director of the Nurses Memorial Centre and Company Secretary for the Hush Foundation.


Michael Augello – Consulting Director at OptimiseYou, Coaching and Mentoring
Global Board Director – International Institute of Business Analysis™ (IIBA®)

Michael is an influential leader in Business Analysis. His passionate involvement in building successful professional communities has led him to his current board director role on the global board of IIBA where he has had a central role in developing strategy.  After joining the board in 2010, Michael served as Chair from 2014 to 2016.

Michael has a strong entrepreneurial style which brings energy to all of his undertakings. He is an entertaining and experienced international speaker. After a career in project delivery spanning many different delivery and general management roles, Michael co-founded a successful consulting company which led to stock exchange public listing in 2007. The consultancy was later acquired by UXC / CSC.

In recent years, Michael has returned to Business Analysis leadership roles through coaching, mentoring and leading capability uplift programs.