Desmond J Seeley and Briana Ertanin – Story Mapping: the art of business analysis in the Agile landscape

This workshop will explore some often-forgotten essentials of using stories in agile processes – tasks, narrative flow, context, slicing the map. The facilitators will provide an engaging and collaborative exercise to create a story map that everyone can relate to.

Facilitators will explore different release strategies and aspects of iterative and incremental building strategies. Further, they will also cover the topic of minimal viable product and engage in an exercise of prioritisation and ranking.

The workshop will enable participants to apply agile extension techniques and will show how they fit in different analysis horizons. As part of the workshop, Desmond and Briana will also share some learnings from their collaboration with Jeff Paton, credited as creator of the story mapping technique. These learnings are around best practices of story mapping – what works and what doesn’t work.


Desmond Seeley – Lead Banking Regulation Agile Business Requirement Architect and Agile Coach at Commonwealth Bank

Desmond is an expert business consultant with proven competence of a Product Owner. He has a long track record monetising ideas, products and markets where his capabilities include business process consultancy, agile BPM and agile coaching. A key skill is his ability to train both in a classroom and ‘on the job’ environment, with great learning outcomes.

Desmond has inception and delivery experience in numerous projects with contribution to business process reengineering and enterprise transformation. He has been involved with telecommunication, IT and broadcasting as well as with the social sector using IT and telecommunication producing solutions to enable social and economic development.


Briana Ertanin – Senior Consultant/Agile Coach at PM-Partners group

Briana is an accomplished professional with hybrid skill set spanning business analysis, change management, project and delivery management. She has experience in hands on delivery as well as leadership, coaching and mentoring.

Briana is very passionate about the future of business analysis and the opportunities for professional upskilling with agile knowledge and experience. She is the Education and Certification coordinator for the Sydney Branch of IIBA® and believes in leading by example.

Briana recently certified in the newest IIBA certification – Agile Analysis Certification – IIBA® as part of the pilot group applicants worldwide.