Daragh Henchy – Foundations and applications of Design Thinking

In the same way that philosophy is the avant garde of science, design thinking is at the forefront of innovation. With new start-ups and disruption models emerging daily in many fields and industries, designing the right service or product to maximise engagement, customer experiences and adoption is essential. On business or technology projects, business analysts are the pivot point of both traditional inductive and deductive thinking and abductive (design) thinking. Understanding different modes of thinking, and gaining an agility to move between them, allows business analysts to have greater impact in terms of requirements, insights, ‘ah ha’ moments, creativity and design elegance. This session unveils why we think the way we do when faced with project-style analysis and how we can apply design principles to reduce quality risk and ensure better project outcomes for users and customers.

Daragh will provide an overview of the philosophy of design thinking, using the tools and models he has collected and developed to demonstrate how design thinking can be applied to your business and technology environments. Key service areas explored: research, visualisation, collaboration, ideation and prototyping. After this talk the audience should have a deeper appreciation of what design thinking is and what it is not, as well as some familiarity with application of design thinking on IT and business projects.


Daragh Henchy – Director Innovation at Hehsed Consulting
Daragh is currently the Senior Partner and Director of Innovation for Hehsed Consulting. Over the last two decades, Daragh has worked with Ernst & Young, CapGemini, The Customer Experience Company, Microsoft Consulting and IMS Health as a management consultant.

He has run over 40 projects relating to the design of customer experiences and development and rollout of business transformations and systems. He specialises in design thinking, innovation, change management, communications, customer-led strategies, technology implementations, project management, and service design.

Daragh has a degree in astrophysics and a M.Phil. in Cognitive Science. Daragh has managed design projects around UX designs, multimedia artefacts, prototypes, mobile apps, movies, animations, paper models and sketches. Daragh has worked successfully with clients and employers to develop customer strategies, digital channel vision and experience designs. Daragh has taken an approach that brings the best of traditional analytical thinking and service design thinking methods.