Dana Malcova – Delivering Unique Value with Customer-Focused Business Architecture

In the age of “Net Promoter Score” when many organisations use this and similar metrics as their number one performance measure, business architecture needs to drive collaboration between the customer experience architects and the rest of the organisation.

Business architecture is helping organisations to stay adaptable in changing market conditions. A business architecture also needs to support the definition, management, and sustainability of the sources of an organisation’s competitive advantage.

Process-centric business architectures must be raised to a new level where they play a vital role in enabling the realisation of the unique value proposition of the organisation. Business architecture should provide invaluable help to identify, define, and safeguard your ‘unfair advantage’. Presented approach is aligned with OMG’s Business Motivation Model, marrying traditional business architecture and analysis approaches with Business Model Canvas and Lean Canvas concepts and latest customer experience management approaches.

Business analysts and architects are key players in the success of any organisation and their key deliverable must be a relentlessly and pragmatically customer-focused business architecture.

Learning objectives:

  • How business architecture implementation can be extended to include the concept of unique value proposition
  • How business architecture contributes to definition and maintenance of unique value propositions
  • How to internally sell the business architecture approach as a way to protect the organization’s ‘unfair advantage’
  • How business architectures can be tailored to fit the increasingly customer experience focused environment


Dana Malcova – BPM & EA Consultant and Trainer at Leonardo Consulting

Dana Malcova is passionate about the identification and resolution of organisational performance anomalies and opportunities using holistic design approaches to solution development and continuous management and improvement.

Having worked in Europe, the USA, New Zealand, and Australia, and in many different industry sectors including finance, utilities, telecommunications, government, automotive, retail, media, and travel, Dana is an experienced business process management (BPM) and enterprise architecture (EA) consultant and trainer with a background in both business and IT.

Her current professional focus is on helping leaders of today’s organisations to realise their company’s purpose and generate value for all stakeholders by creating and sustainably managing environments conducive for actualisation of human potential, which they leverage to realise the organisation’s goals. She is doing this by infusing proven BPM and EA methods with the latest scientific findings about the workings of human mind, intrinsic motivation, communication and a multitude of holistic management and leadership concepts.