Dana Malcova – Business Analyst’s Skill Set for Innovation in the MINDSET ECONOMY

In the past, sources of an organisation’s competitive advantage were capital, and later the lever shifted to information. But this is not true anymore. Though data and information became the essential raw materials fuelling our digital age – they stopped being enough.

The next level of competition will be played in the field of organisation’s MINDSET – as organisation’s mindset determines how effectively are these raw materials sourced, interpreted, turned into value and monetised. The key differentiator in this game is the approach organisations implement to bridge, align and focus the increasingly diverse mindsets of people and robots required to collaborate in agile, multicultural, and professionally diverse workplaces. Those who master leveraging mindset differences into sources of innovation will win in this race.

Business analysts are best positioned to play a key role in enabling organisations to seize opportunities presented by this economical shift. Future-proof your organisation by learning and applying techniques of holistic business architecture enriched with design, communication and facilitation methods based on latest scientific findings about structure of human mind and data management. Presented approach is optimised to leverage Agile Project Delivery for the age of MINDSET ECONOMY.


Dana Malcova – Associate Advisor at UST Global

Dana Malcova is passionate about the identification and resolution of organisational performance anomalies and opportunities using holistic design approaches to solution development and continuous management and improvement.

Having worked in Australia, Europe, the USA, Asia and New Zealand, and in many different industry sectors including finance, utilities, telecommunications, government, automotive, retail, media, and travel, Dana is an experienced business process management (BPM), business architecture and enterprise architecture (EA) consultant, trainer and speaker with a background in business and IT, which she enriches with methods from the fields of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and neurosemantics.

Her current professional focus is on helping leaders of today to future-proof their organisations by creating and sustainably managing environments conducive for actualization of human potential, which they leverage to realize the organisation’s goals.