Damian Wilson – Business Critical

Do you prefer stories to statistics? Do you seek to confirm your ideas rather than question them? Do your memories sometimes get confused? Do you see patterns in chance events? Does complexity seem simple to you?
If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, then congratulations! You are probably pretty normal. If not then you might be a Business Analyst.

Business Analysts make a living being unconventional thinkers. They know that common sense is overrated.
What Business Analysts really need is uncommon sense. They need to apply a kind of thinking that is out of the ordinary or even unnatural. Their success depends on being critical thinkers.

Thinking like a Business Analyst goes against a few million years of evolution. Critical thinking must be learned and mastered with practice. This session examines some of the main ways that conventional thinking leads to mistaken beliefs. It also looks at ways that a business analyst can avoid these errors.

damianwilson Damian Wilson – Enterprise Manager Business Analysis at DST Bluedoor

Damian is Certified Business Analysis Professional CBAP® and international leader in the practice and management of Business Analysis. He has helped to grow and lead business analysis capability in a variety of major organisations. Damian is the current President of the Australian Chapter of the International Institute of Business Analysis.