Craig Martin – A journey through business design using hybrid thinking

There are a number of disciplines that provide “services” to an organisation. The challenge is that these disciplines are often overlapping, resulting in a loss of coherence amongst the actual disciplines and individuals that are meant to CREATE synergy and coherency.

How can we create synergy between design thinking, architecture thinking and agile thinking? Is there room for hybrid thinking?

There is also a lot of noise around tools and techniques within each of these disciplines. The challenge is how do they relate to one another? How can we build on these tools and techniques in a manner that not only extracts value from each but also facilitates a more coherent and higher value conversation with business.

In this whiteboard workshop aimed at Senior Business Analysis and Strategic Business Analysts, Craig will take attendees through a process of linking human centred design thinking, with strategic and business planning, business architecture and agile thinking.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand and be able to sell the value of the 4 disciplines
  • Understand how the 4 disciplines interact and when and where to use them
  • The 4 disciplines:
    • Design Thinking
    • Strategic Thinking
    • Business Architecture Thinking
    • Agile thinking

Craig MartinCraig Martin – Founder and Director of DesignChain

Craig is the founder and director of DesignChain. A services organisation specialising in providing insight into, and responses to, new and emerging market and digital trends.

Craig has a passion for the design of business with specific focus on disruptive challenges and digital disruption. He is an internationally recognised innovator and speaker on the subject of business design and business and enterprise architecture. He has the ability to challenge conventional thinking and present a systemic view of what can be achieved in business using some of the thinking, models and companies he has developed.

Craig is also the founder and CEO of the TribalMind startup. A cooperative platform for crowd decision making and social learning that seeks to harness the creativity and intelligence of communities to accelerate learning and innovation.