Camille Clerc – Change and the Business Analyst

Defining the change and assessing its impact on stakeholders is a key skill for business analysts.

How do people respond to change?  How do you collect information about those reactions?  What happens if you don’t do and use your insight wisely?

A great idea that turns into a wonderful solution – produced on time, on budget, to the right level of quality – is a totally wasted investment if no-one adopts and uses it.

Join us and you’ll hear about,

  • 6 things you already know about change… but may have forgotten
  • A simple model for stakeholder analysis
  • What to do with that analysis once you have it.


camille_smallCamille Clerc – Principal Consultant People & Performance, SMS Management & Technology

Camille Clerc has been persuading people to do all sorts of things in her more than 20 years’ experience in a broad range of operational leadership, change management and human resources roles.  Camille has a proven track record in change management, people leadership, coaching, facilitation and business transformation.