Brisbane’s Closing Keynote Speaker: Toni Powell – Stress Less, Enjoy More

Toni Powell: Author, Speaker and Wake Up Artist

Toni is a passionate enquirer about what makes people tick, why good relationships work and how to maintain happiness.

Her interest and extensive research into these areas form the basis of her memorable and practical workshops and keynotes which delight audiences and deliver simple tools that change lives as well as workplaces.

‘Unconventional’, ‘funny’ and ‘profound’ are all words regularly used to describe Toni Powell’s very personal communication style.

Toni is the author of two books: ‘What A Feeling’ – a surprising and eye-opening book on relationships and ‘The Yellow Car’, a short picture book on the subject of worry.

She was also the subject of the episode “Let there be light” on ABC’s Australian Story.

Learn more about Toni on her website: