Bill Oakes – Business Analysis in a Changing World

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and robotics are ushering in an ‘age of automation’ where computers and robots span of autonomous operation will increasingly extend beyond simple routine activities to more complex activities such as making tacit judgments, sensing emotion, or even driving.  This movement towards automating more complex activities is expected to have profound implications on organisations. It will necessitate that organisations significantly change how their products and services are produced and delivered to customers. It is expected that organisations that can respond to this challenge will realise significant value, whereas organisations that fail to respond will struggle to survive.

Any change of this magnitude will significantly impact on the professions. To date there has been a range of material developed for a wide-range of professions. This material provides guidance on what the opportunities and threats are and assists professionals to formulate their responses, so that they can secure their long-term professional careers. However, the business analysis is one profession that has not received much attention in this regard.

This presentation will seek to help close this gap by providing information on what the ‘age of automation’ is and its expected impact. See how the ‘age of automation’ may impact the business analysis profession.


Bill Oakes – Business Analysis Consultant at Business Analysts Pty Ltd

Bill is an experienced Business Analyst Consultant who has worked extensively within Australia and also globally across the government, not-for-profit and private sectors. Bill has a broad background and a diverse range of skills and experience.

Whilst his primary skill set is in Business Analysis, Bill also has training and delivery experience in project management, stakeholder management and change management. Bill has a keen interest in understanding how advanced technologies will impact organisations.