Brisbane 2016 Presenters

For Brisbane’s Business Analysis Professional Day the following presenters have been announced:


  • Camille Clerc – Change and the Business Analyst
  • Hugh Peterken & Elliot Heitman – Why business analysis is key to delivering on strategy
  • Mervin Chiang – Rethinking the way we deliver business solutions to achieve more with less
  • Murray Watt – Probity in Procurement and its relevance to all in its life-cycle
  • Neil Bazley – The Opportunity for Motive (and the Means!)
  • Ryan McKergow – Don’t be a zombie writing your stories: Learn some cutting-edge analysis techniques
  • Tim Coventry – “C” Level Execs get why good business analysis is critical, why can’t BAs explain it?

Quick Bites:

  • Mitushi Chowdhury – Benefits Management: If it is not quantified, it is not a benefit!
  • Karen Diedericks – Business Analysis Core Concept Model™