2016 Keynote Speakers

| Brisbane – 21 Oct | Melbourne – 19 Oct | Perth – 29 Oct | 

The IIBA® Australia Chapter has been looking far and wide to source worthy keynote speakers in 2016.

Brisbane and Melbourne’s Opening keynote speaker: Rita Panahi – Good Thinking


Every complex question has a simple answer. Unfortunately, it is usually wrong. Discovering the truth is no simple matter. You need to consider different perspectives, ask difficult questions and apply unusual levels of critical thinking. An acute awareness of this reality is something that Business Analysts share with journalists. Both roles have a serious interest in investigating the truth.

Rita Panahi is more than familiar with the value of a sound analytical approach. In her work as a Herald Sun columnist she has a reputation for telling it like it is, which can’t be done without figuring out how it is in the first place. She can be heard on radio 3AW and appears regularly on Sunrise on Seven and Sky News.

Rita has seen bad thinking result in poorly understood problems and even worse solutions. In this presentation, Rita will examine a number of topical issues and explore the difference that good thinking can make.

Brisbane and Melbourne’s Closing Keynote Speaker: Sonia McDonald – Leadership is an Attitude

Leadership is an attitude, not a job. If you want to rock as a leader all you need is the right attitude and this dynamic session will show you how to get it.

In this high energy presentation full of practical advice, Sonia will examine why your mindset really matters when you define yourself as leader, how to build your leadership presence and how to become the kind of leader who inspires people to follow them.

Sonia McDonald
Sonia McDonald – CEO and Founder of LeadershipHQ

Sonia McDonald is an Entrepreneur, Thought Leader, Dynamic Keynote Speaker, Leadership Coach and Author. Recently named in the Top 250 Influential Women across the globe1, with over 25 years’ human resource management, leadership and organisational development experience, Sonia creates a pathway for leaders to succeed by helping them to understand why they, and others around them, work the way they do.

She is passionate about cutting edge research and consulting in her industry as well as innovative tools and strategies around Leadership, Cultural Change, Engagement, Neuroscience and Diversity.

Sonia has been widely published in The Australian, HRD Magazine, Business Insider, Business Woman’s Media, Style Magazine, Richtopia and Women in Focus. Through her exciting, inclusive and high energy presentations, Sonia puts the humanity and humour back into leadership.

1as named by digital business magazine Richtopia

Perth’s Opening Keynote Speaker: Glenn Brule – The Fox and The Grapes “It is easy to despise what you cannot get” 

GlennBruleAn exciting and dynamic keynote speaker, Glenn Brule brings more than two decades of focused business analysis experience to his highly interactive and engaging presentations.

Having worked with business and corporations all over the world, Glenn has a rare reality-based global perspective of business analysis and the practical experience to offer guidance on how to overcome geographic, cultural and language barriers.

Recognised as an expert in the creation and maturity of Business Analysis Centres of Excellence, Glenn has helped clients in the energy, financial services, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, insurance and automotive industries, as well as government agencies across the world.

Glenn is a Certified Scrum Master and proven leader when it comes to working in Agile environments. He takes a keen interest in ensuring that self-organising teams are winning teams that appreciate the ever changing dynamics of a culture that is shifting towards an Agile environment.

As a founding board member of the IIBA® and former Vice President of Chapters, Glenn is passionate about driving the advancement of the BA profession. His personal commitment and involvement has resulted in the founding of chapters in more than a dozen countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia and he is currently the IIBA Sydney Branch Chair.

Glenn has published two works, ‘CBAP™ Exam: Practice Test and Study Guide’ and ‘Business Analysis Terms: A Working Glossary’ in addition to being a regular contributor to industry publications such as Modern Analyst and BA Times.