Arvind Arcot: Business Analysis and Customer Experience – 2 sides of the same coin

This session will highlight the similarities and differences between the roles of a business analyst and a customer experience designer. Understand how both of these roles have the same goal in mind but approach the problem or opportunity from a different angle.

While the focus is primarily on different aspects of the solution, CX and BAs are nevertheless moving towards each other to that sweet spot; an ideal solution which is desirable, feasible and viable.

Learn how business analysts and CX designers can be better at their respective roles if they understand what the other does,  embrace the other’s point of view and work together towards achieving the common goal.


Arvind Arcot – Principal Consultant \ BA Development Manager at RXP Services

Arvind brings over 18 years professional experience, including 12 years as a consultant and business analyst. He has deep banking, finance and IT sector experience, rounded out by experience in transport, petroleum, higher education and retail. He has been deployed on numerous consulting engagements throughout the Asia Pacific region, enabling him to engage in highly varied client organisations, both culturally and in relation to their core business.

Arvind has also built and run a successful business analysis practice across Australia and New Zealand and has invested a lot of time and effort in coaching and mentoring other business analysts and guide them in their career journey.