Annie McGlade – Recapping the BA Role: The Six Hats of Requirements Elicitation & Communication

A key competency of a business analyst is effective requirements communication to their stakeholders. Often the concentration is on the business stakeholders as they are generally in the majority. There are however a number of technology stakeholders who need to understand and use the requirements. Their needs are often overlooked and this can have a significant impact on the quality of the solution delivered.

This presentation uses a light-hearted approach to understanding the makeup of the requirements audience, the needs of the various audience members, and the criteria to apply to ensure the requirements meet those needs:

Learning objectives:

  • Understanding the difference between the elicitation stakeholders and communication stakeholders
  • Understanding the communication needs of all types of stakeholders
  • Ability to apply that understanding to ensure complete and unambiguous requirements


annie McGlade

Annie McGlade – Manager Business Solutions – Asset Servicing Technology, National Australia Bank

Annie has been working as a business analyst, predominantly in the funds management technology industry, since the mid 90s. She spent several years as the BA Competency Lead for the BA team in Asset Servicing Technology at NAB where she has worked for the past 12 years. With extensive experience as a lead delivery analyst on major projects, Annie has been actively involved in practice development, standards and continuous improvement across the organisation.

Over the years Annie has mentored numerous Business Analysts and developed many workshops, guides and professional development activities. These include workshops on estimation, non-functional requirements, requirements elicitation and documentation techniques as well as ongoing clinics on the use of modelling techniques at all stages of the project. Annie has presented twice at the BA World Symposiums in Melbourne and at the Australian Workshop for Requirements Engineering in Sydney.