Andrew Hobday – Remaining relevant as a Business Analyst in the new world of digital disruption and innovation

Are you a Business Analyst? Ever thought of yourself as a Storyteller, Design Thinker, Guild Master or Innovation. Sherpa?

In 2016 the model of a person being placed into a single role within an organisation is under siege. For a Business Analyst, not only is her/his role changing, but he/she’s faced with expectations of being more fluid – being able to take on multiple, concurrent roles. This is to help the organisation navigate a disruptive landscape where innovation, pivoting and constant and substantial change is the new normal.

In this presentation, Andrew shares how an organisation’s adoption of an effective culture and end-to-end approach for innovation, is driving a shift in thinking when it comes to job roles. He introduces the concept of the ‘fluid workforce’ and how a Business Analyst can pro-actively take steps to stay relevant as many defined roles are disrupted by what is effectively an ‘innovation of workforce’.

Learning objectives:

  • How a role such as the Business Analyst will be impacted by the shift to a ‘fluid workforce’
  • Pro-active steps that can be taken right now to galvanise your value and relevance to an organisation (or your teams as a BA Manager)
  • The importance of mindset in remaining relevant in a changing jobs market
Andrew Hobday

Andrew Hobday – Analysis Guild Master at IAG

Andrew Hobday is the Analysis Guild Master at IAG, Australia’s largest general insurer, where he cultivates the overall analysis function for IAG Labs. His areas of expertise include business analysis, design thinking, and innovation culture.
He holds a bachelors degree in psychology and philosophy, and master’s degrees in community & international development and in commercial law from Deakin University.

His career has seen him work in and across leadership, project delivery, and consultancy roles. He’s passionate about introducing new concepts and methods to organisations, whilst challenging the status quo, in order to uplift both culture and capability. More recently Andrew has been focused on employee engagement, cultural uplift within organisations, and how to create the ultimate environment for innovation in organisations within mature markets.