Andrew Hobday – Business Agility and you

‘Business agility’ refers to that which allows organisations to respond to change at speed and at scale.  Elements include how work gets done, how the organisation connects (internally and externally), and the way in which its people think and approach situations.

Whole organisations are ‘going agile’… So, it’s important to know how this changes the work environment

This session introduces the key concepts of business agility with examples.  It explores approaches to adoption at an enterprise level, and how individuals within an organisation fit into the picture.

Join Andrew as he covers:

  • Understanding what ‘business agility’ is and why it’s important
  • Awareness of the challenges in creating such an environment and how to overcome them
  • Learning how you can thrive in a more agile business environment or one that’s aspiring to be


Andrew Hobday – Guild Principal at IAG

Andrew Hobday’s career has seen him work in and across leadership, project delivery, and consultancy roles.  Currently, he’s a Guild Principal for Australia’s largest general insurer, cultivating an agile, innovative environment for staff to connect, create, and uplift their capabilities.

Andrew’s an avid researcher, experimental practitioner, and presenter.  He’s spoken locally and internationally on topics including business analysis, innovation, and organisational culture.  His areas of expertise include business agility, design thinking, analysis, and innovation.  His recent focus has been on formulating models and methods for encouraging business agility and innovation at scale in large organisations.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and philosophy, and master’s degrees in community & international development and in commercial law.