Andrew Hobday – Business agility and active questions

This session introduces a simple, practical, powerful model for business agility.  Then, dive into a ‘day in the life of’ adventure, where you decided how you’d handle challenging scenarios – testing your business agility along the way.

The presenter will share a powerful technique promoted by a world-leading executive coach.  You’ll get the chance to try it out on areas you wish to improve.

At the end of the session, you’ll have a simple, effective action plan.  You can even become the coach, helping individuals and teams leverage your new-found knowledge.


 Andrew Hobday – Digital Execution Excellence, IAG

Andrew Hobday’s career has seen him work in and across leadership, project delivery, and consultancy roles. Currently, he leads digital execution excellence for Australia’s largest general insurer – cultivating an agile, innovative environment, to unite, empower, and equip digital teams for accelerated success.

Andrew’s an avid researcher and presenter. He’s spoken locally and internationally on topics including business analysis, innovation, organisational culture, and agility. His areas of expertise include business agility, design thinking, analysis, and innovation.