Ali Kar – Shocking reasons that business process transformations can fail

The three previous industrial revolutions all created significant societal change and opportunity, but today’s transformation is unique regarding the high speed with which new ideas and technologies are spreading around the world. Every company across every industry is now compelled to reconsider their traditional ways of doing business to keep pace with rapidly changing technology and consumer expectations. It is clear that our current decision-making systems and dominant models of wealth creation were designed and incrementally evolved throughout the first three industrial revolutions. These systems, however, are no longer equipped to deliver on the current, and more to the point, the future generational needs in the context of the fourth industrial revolution. This will undoubtedly require systemic innovation and not small-scale adjustments or reforms at the margin.

Business Analysts have a significant role to play to make sure transformation are successful, and I am going to share some tips.


Ali Kar – Win the Game

Ali is a management consultant, with a Bachelor Degree of Industrial Engineering, Certified Manager of Quality and Organisational Excellence with American Society for Quality (ASQ), Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (ASQ), Certified Project Management Professional (PMP), with fourteen years of experience in observing the performance of continuous improvement transformation projects as an object (or vehicle) in the paths leading to “Winning”.